Betty X is an American artist, singer, and songwriter from Seattle, WA.

Although she considers herself to be more of a conceptual artist and a performer rather than a singer, her sardonic wit and unapologetic temperament is mirrored in both her music and her powerful vocal performances. Her music has been described as everything from enigmatic and surreal to aggressive and hostile, with lyrics that are often cleverly disguised social commentary.

With a background in fine art, she got her start in music back in the 90’s when she formed the sleazy and provocative art rock band Salon Betty. As the years progressed, her music steadily grew darker, heavier and more politically-charged. She eventually disbanded Salon Betty to focus on a solo career.

In the years that followed, she went on to become one of the most recognized female names in underground performance art and genre-bending rock music, having performed on stage with iconic legends like Pigface and Ministry.

Recently, it’s all come full circle with her latest studio EP, Bad Juju — a surreal and paranormal Lynchian head-trip set against a dark and sultry blues noir backdrop. While not as abrasive and hard as her earlier solo work, it’s a perfect melding of the swanky and lighthearted art rock of Salon Betty and her hard-hitting dark experimental metal material.



“This is the REAL DEAL…in all it’s SWANKY GLORY.”
— Al Jourgensen (Ministry, Surgical Meth Machine)

“Keep on ROCKIN’ Betty X! You got the GOODS!”
— Patti Quatro (The Quatro Sisters, Pleasure Seekers)

“You ROCK! Love your music!”
— Mike Scaccia (Ministry, Rigor Mortis, Buck Satan)

“Betty X is a HUGE FORCE to be reckoned with.”
— Sin Quirin (Ministry, American Head Charge)

“Betty X is a PUNK ROCK LEGEND.”
— Kenny Klein, Huffington Post

“Betty X fucking ROCKS!”
— Martin Atkins (Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke)

“Best Seattle band EVER!”
— Jim Rose (The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow)

“Fucking AWESOME, Betty X is a KICK ASS performer.”
— Ivan De Prume (White Zombie, Scum of the Earth)

“BRUTALLY beautiful industrial punk.”
— Band of the Week, The Stranger

“The tough bad girl contingent goes invisible a lot of the time, staying bound to its separate set of clubs and bars and its subculture status. It takes the sheer camp brilliance of someone like Betty X to bring it to our attention.”
— Tizzy Asher, The Seattle P. I.